Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification Technology
RFID which is one of the fastest growing automatic data collection (ADC) technologies, can be used in Access Control, Animal Identification, Asset Tracking, Library Management systems, time Management systems etc. Learn more about RFID

OpenWorks™ Time
OpenWorks™ TIME an RFID based Time and Attendance monitoring software using 13.56 MHz based hardware technology namely badges and readers which are used to enable recording of employee Time and Attendance.

OpenWorks™ Library
OpenWorks™ Library is a solution that cater to tracking of Library materials like books, CDROM, etc. which is fitted with sticker or glass capsule type of RFID transponders.

OpenWorks™ Logistics
RFID can be used to identify and track the cargo on the transit from one location to another. OpenWorks™ Logistics involves tracking of the items at the pallet level and at the item level.

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