IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT projects and solutions to India is a rapidly growing practice in today’s highly competitive economy because organizations are under pressure to develop products/projects at a rapid and cost-effective rate or make upgrades to existing technologies quickly. These IT solutions need to be implemented without compromising on their quality standards or the organization’s resources, a fact which we understands only too well. For this reason alone, most of the software development projects ranging from small to mid-market to high-end organizations look to outsource software development projects to India.

Why Outsource?
As a business or an entrepreneur or an enterprise, you needn’t dwell on IT technologies and terminologies. Leave that to us. Only think about your business and your venture. We will put ourselves in your shoes and think about the optimum technology to put into use. Using your own personnel to perform what we can perform at a fraction of the cost can really hurt your business. You can get to your market quickly and efficiently while your competitors face the same challenges of cutting costs to remain competitive. Leverage our expertise in customized solutions instead of creating a learning curve for yourself.

Why KCP Technologies Limited
We deliver quality offshore development at a price that makes our clients smile. And we accomplish this by using “cost-effectiveness” as a primary factor in our endeavors. Our transparency of operations and high-level emphasis on communications ensure that every penny spent on a software development project is put to optimum use.

More than any other factor, it is the qualities in our people - Character, Philosophy, Ownership and Style — that most distinguishes us from any other firm in this business.

We see the world through our clients' eyes, from their point of view. They are the people who are operating under immense pressure to complete big, messy, complex projects that will have a huge impact on their organizations. They're the ones with the Big Problem. They are the people who hire us. We use that perspective to guide everything we do.

We combine the best of the strategist with the best of the technologist, understanding that every business opportunity has technology implications, and every technology initiative should be driven by strategy.

We collaborate. Why? Because in today's world nobody has all the answers. Problems are too big, too global, and too complex. Either you bring together the expertise you need, from multiple sources, or you lose. Bottom line: We recruit and hire people who think collaboratively. And lastly, we believe in partnerships and long term relationships. We believe in growing with our clients and that is why our client base is a mix of some global brands and some lesser known companies.

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