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February 2008 : RFID in Cafeteria
RIFD has seen the light of the day in the arena of OpenWorks™ Cafeteria Management for our prestigious client Accor Services.The solution operates in Pre-paid or Post-paid mode and it is currently serving the needs of more than 3000 employees.

1stJan 2005 : New Product Mix Strategy
The new mantra is "One Application Multiple Services" that intent to develop an array of RFID solutions based on the client-server architecture. This enables the system to cater to multiple areas like Identity, Time, perimeter Access, Payroll, Visitor, Time sheet (Project Resource Tracking), Library, File PC-Login, Canteen Management, etc

1st Jan 2005 : OpenWorks™ forays into the Market
OpenWorks™ TIME - a RFID solution that caters to Real-Time Employee In/Out Time Management System, has seen the first external implementation. Managers in Telesis Global Solutions with employee strength of approximately 200, are using OpenWorks™ TIME for Managing their Employees.

1st July 2004 : KCP Technologies Limited has implemented Time & Facility Access using RFID
OpenWorks™ TIME an RFID based Time and Attendance monitoring software uses TI's 13.56 MHz based hardware technology namely badges and readers which are used to enable recording of employee attendance and enforcing Facility Access., which was fully operational from July1, 2004.

1st May 2004 :KCP Technologies Limited forays into RFID
Radio Frequency IDentification, or RFID, is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify People, Process, Product, Place or Transaction. KCPT has been piloting projects based on RFID technology from TI (Texas Instruments), a world leader in RFID technology.

03rd October 2000 : KCP Technologies Limited partners with Embarcadero Technologies Inc. UK
KCP Technologies Limited partners with Embarcadero Technologies Inc. UK, to market & support their Products in India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

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