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KCP Technologies Limited, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and a part of the KCP Group Company was founded in August 2000, with a mission to be a globally preferred provider of IT Solutions. Our domain expertise encompasses Engineering, Manufacturing, Cement, Sugar, Biotechnology, Financial Services, Logistics and Education.

We believe that progress is based on our customer's success and our employee's growth. We value our relationship with our clients because we believe that when a customer succeeds we also succeed. Each assignment is an endeavor towards a progressive business relationship with our clients. The approach of the software development methodology at KCP Technologies Limited is to optimize process and ensure deliverables in time to our customers. Software development is made more predictable and reliable by re-use of metrics data collected for projects executed. In our endeavor to bring out complete, correct and consistent products, we are constantly improving our People, Process and Technology.

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Providing short to medium term ROI on IT investments using innovative mobile technologies in business.

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